domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

Sueños sobre sueños

I cannot talk about my background history without talking about how my parents ended up studying in a university, and to talk about that I have to refer to my grandparents' dream. So lets start from the beginning; none of my 4 grandparents finished school. They lived in a time, where in Colombia only people with a really good income, could economically sustain them to finish their studies. That was not the case with them. So how come these 4 people managed to send their kids to the most expensive private university in Medellin at the time?.

The answer is more complicated than it seems, they had a very big dream. They were going to put their souls into giving their kids all the opportunities, that they did not have, with regards to education. They woke up every morning with only that goal in mind. After a lot of work and an equal amount of frustration and disappointments, they triumphed in their endeavors. My maternal grandfather found a job in a company where they would grant scholarships to all of his children, as long as they kept the grades above a certain requisite. While my grandmother did all the household duties, my mother could focus on what was important - her studies. On the other hand, my other grandfather lived in a small town. He woke up every morning at 4:00 am to work on his farm, and later with his wife worked in a small supermarket that they owned. In doing so, they could pay for the education of all their children. Since the day they shared this history with me, I felt extremely proud of them and gained a firm belief that dreams are much more than just dreams. Dreams are goals to be achieved, but to accomplish them you will need to wake up every morning with the clear idea of your responsibilities.

My parents didn't waste the education that was given to them. After finishing a degree in Computer Engineering, my father decided to take ownership of his own destiny. He started a company with his business partners, and my mother joined and supported him in the business later on.
In my early years I received the amazing opportunity to spend a great deal of time with my grandparents. I listened to all the stories and details about their childhood. They taught me about the importance of being humble, by understanding that even, when they succeeded in their lives, they still had a great heart, just like when they were little. While I was growing up, my parents also got to spend time with me. But another consequence of me growing up was that I also became progressively more independent, something quite uncommon in Colombia. My parents noticed it and allowed me to have freedom, in a particular way, they sent me to camps and places where they believed I could learn something. So first it was a couple of weeks to a summer farm camp, then a month and a half to Canada and finally six months on my own to New Zealand.

As a final note, I was raised with an entrepreneurship mentality. I am powered by the belief that dreams can indeed come true and in order to do that, you have to be passionate, work hard and most importantly, stay humble. My father wanted to teach me another lesson with regards to people. He want me to see that there is good people all around the world, regardless of their color, religion and nationality. The best way to do this is by traveling, so we decided to travel the world by motorcycle! This is my current mission...

Por Daniel Gómez